The great Führer of Germany
          was subject to disturbing flatulences

"He is five feet eight or nine tall, and must weigh approximately
180 pounds. His legs are short for his torso. His arms and legs
are "ill-fitting and awkward. He is round shouldered and hollow
chested and has a paunch. His legs are slightly bowed. He stands
badly and walks badly, tending to toe out. Hitler's skin is coarse
and pebbly, and often pasty and unhealthy in appearance. His has,
from his mother, eyes of a gray-blue-green so intense and so
changeable with moods and other circumstances that equally
careful observers have called them everything from azure to
emerald and even "white". The Chancellor's nose is big and
strong, his mouth cruel. His teeth are bad. When he was barely
middle-aged his lower front teeth had to be pulled and replaced by
a bridge that was not remarkably good. Saliva tends to collect at
the corners of his mouth, clouding his diction

Hitler was not a stud nor a playboy : even if some women fell
madly and hysterically in love with "der Fuhrer", he never looked
very attractive to most of his contemporaries and observers.
Especially after 1933, his general bill of health was not good, he
looked almost sick and as such he nourrished a deep revulsion for
dirtiness. This mysophobia (fear of dirt) doubled by bacillophobia
(fear of microbes) and bacteriophobia (fear of bacteria) explain
many acts of his neurotic behavior. His mother herself was
maniac about cleanness, home and individual hygiene.

                   Anal-retentive Hitler               

For Walter C. Langer, Hitler was an extreme case of anal
retentive and his mother severely repressed this tendency. Langer
thus thought that all his phobias and the repression of his anal
retentive sessions have been royal ways to anal phantasms, to the
need to be soiled or to soil, to the urge to destroy, to humiliate
and to sadistic practices.

We saw in a previous article that 1- Geli Raubal got weary of
crouching upon her jealous uncle, 2- Martha Mueller took her life
after sessions of kicking that apparently cracked more her moral
than Hitler's ribs. The evident conclusion is that the potty training
was probably very tough for young Hitler and was the origin of
considerable frustrations more especially as he was extremely
fond of his mother.

Dissolving bacilli of humanity

And Langer added in his "Profile" that this frustration was present
in every Hitler's speech through allusions to dirtiness, bad odors,
cow dung, manure, stink bugs". Once he even compared the
German people to cow dung and another time he assimilated
charity to manure. In Mein Kampf, he wrote that Vienne was a
repulsive conglomerate of ethnic mixes "where flourished the
dissolving bacilli of humanity, the Jews." To him, this huge city
was the incarnation of incest.

If Hitler possessed a great Art, it was the Art of mixing and
confusing everything and to reduce everything to sex and to
"kaka" as the Greeks used to say to mention bad things and not
only feces. Hitler developed a real phobia for syphilis that he
compared to a plague. In Mein Kampf, he devoted almost a full
chapter to this problem. But there is more to Hitler's phobias.
Hitler's family was heavily in-bred, his mother married his
once-related cousin with a special dispensation from the Vatican
and delivered two still-born children. All her unhappy married life,
she will call her husband "my uncle". This consanguinity spurred
Hitler in thinking he had a foul blood and in putting leeches on his
body to purify his blood. His phobias of diseases and bacteria
even permeated his conceptions of art: wanting to create an
environment for "healthy" and native-German art, music and
literature, his regime declared all modernist art, music and
literature "degenerate" and made it its official policy to rid the
nation of these works and their producers. Modernism was
defined as a disease, threatening the "healthy body" of an "Aryan
Germanic" nation. So-called "racial aliens" in art, literature and
music were characterized as carriers of a disease, infecting the
German mind and soul.

                        The Jewish virus

Hitler was so paranoiac about diseases that he said once:
" the discovery of the Jewish virus is one of the greatest
revolutions that have taken place in the world. The battle in which
we are engaged today is of the same sort as the battle waged,
during the last century by Pasteur and Koch. How many diseases
have their origin in the Jewish virus ?" This paranoia might have
had disturbing origin for a politician: after his last wound, Hitler
was consequently placed under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr.
Edmund Forster. What exactly was done to Hitler while under Dr.
Forster's care is uncertain because years later, in 1933, the
Gestapo rounded up all psychiatric records related to Hitler's
treatment and destroyed them. Dr. Forster 'committed suicide' in
that same year.

Even before his access to power, Hitler was -according to Gregor
Strasser (2)- a drug addict: Strasser who was a pharmacist by
training and trade suspected Hitler was taking "Belladonna"(3), an
habit that he would have contracted from her niece and lover Geli
Raubal. Strasser said once to Otto Wagener, economic advisor to
Hitler, that he thought that Hitler was taking Belladona in large
quantities before an important meeting or a speech when he
wanted to be alert mentally. "This, would say Strasser, would
explain a number of things, such as Hitler's staggering on
occasion, his reluctance to make a decision, the sudden flicker in
his gaze." It is very possible that Hitler took Belladona to cure
some eyes' problems as he was blinded by the gases in October
1918: in the Pasewalk hospital, doctors told him that "he would
never see again." Eventually, he recovered his sight but later he
might have used Belladone to heal some pain in his eyes.

Once Chancellor, things deteriorated rapidly and constantly. Hitler
became an insane hypochondriac and as of Decembrer 1936 laid
his medical fate between the hands of a miracle witchlike doctor,
Theo Morell, who was held in contempt by the medical
establishment for his foolish experiments and his reputation as a
dangerous healer. Hitler used to call him Superman. In fact, he
had little knowledge of medicine : in 1944, Dr Giesing, one of
Hitler's personal MD, checked that Morell could not identify the
sinuses of his patient on a X-Ray picture and thought that
cheekbones were the sinuses.

            Neo-balestol for Hitler's stomach

Dr. Morell used to administer Hitler with huge does of Orchikrin
(extract of bovine testosterone, pituitary gland and
glycerinophophate) and Prostakrinum used to stir up moral and
combat hypoplasia (4) of the prostate or other sexual organs. To
quench Hitler's intestinal pains, Morell also provided his patient
with doses of neo-balestol, an oil that was used during WWI to
clean rifles's breeches (sic). To read the Diaries of Dr. Morell, as
published by controversial historian David Irving, please click on

Hitler became some sort  of vegeterian after his stay in  prison in
1923 but   legend wants that Geli Raubal's suicide in 1931 pushed
him to refuse any form of meat. Some even said that he became a
"veggie" after attending Geli's autopsy.  He certainly ceased then
to eat any form of meat but four years at the front following his
period of poverty and hunger in Vienna and Munich had left his
stomach practically beyond repair. By force of necessity he
became a devotee to vegetarianism, puddings, and nonalcoholic
drinks. Two constant attendants were his Austrian cook and his
medical specialist, their task between them being to keep the
Hitler mechanism in working order. His avoidance of meat, fish,
delicacies and choice wines does not mean, as was commonly
believed in Germany, that he lived frugally, and several persons
who have attended private dinners at the Chancellery or at his
mountain home have remarked that with such meals they would
not mind being vegetarians themselves.

However Albert Speer who used to have a lot of lunches and
diners with him at the Chancellerie or the Obersalzberg said that
the food at both of them  was a soup, no appetizer, meat with
veggies, a sweet. Drinks consisted of Berlin beer in bottle, mineral
water and cheap wine. Once presented by his butler some  huge
lobster, he was indignant that people could eat such
"monstruosities" and that it was an error to each them.

Furthermore Hitler had uncontrollable flatulences that bothered his
entourage. One evening he attended a dinner party where Crown
Princess Cecilie , daughter of the Grand Duke of
Mecklenburg-Schwerin and wife of the Kaiser's son, was
present. After he left, the Princess required the staff: "open the
windows, it smells here." However all that does not prevent some
lunatics to pretend and argue at length that Hitler
was not a

               Tremor of the left arm

Anyway, Dr. Morell noticed that his stomach pains increased in
periods of high tensions, sometimes to be unsustainable. During
the Ruhr rearmament in 1936, pains reached their peak and made
Hitler almost hysterical. As soon as 1941, his cardiologist
diagnosed a coronary sclerosis and after Stalingrad (1943) Hitler
started to be visibly affected with a tremor of his left arm that will
persist until his suicide in 1945.

Actually these tremors started earlier, as soon as 1936, but they
were well hidden. According to some specialists of the illness,
Hitler was suffering from Parkinson's desease since 1933 but he
always took great care to hide the tremors by holding his left arm
with his right hand on his lap; many pictures -and notably a
Swedish news reel- showed him in this position but people
always assumed it was just a way of pausing.

And during all these years, there was too the constant shadow of
syphilis which was never overtly mentioned but was a source of
guess and concern for many. In 1942, Himmler discussed, with
his personal physician, Dr. Felix Kersten, Hitler's state and was
urged by Kersten the removal of Hitler from power:"A syphilitic is
ruling Germany and the countries he had conquered, said Kersten,
a man whose body and spirit have for years suffered from the
ravages of growing paralysis, controlled his power. The fate of
the whole world depends upon a brain diseased to its core...."
Himmler did nothing. He did not have the guts and probably some
good reason too : he could have known that in 1940 a
Wassermann test performed on Hitler was negative. According to
rumors, Hitler would have contracted syphilis in 1908 in Vienna
from a Jewish prostitute and it would be the reason why 1- he
hated so much the Jews, 2- he left so abruptly the room he then
shared with his friend Kubizek.

It is a wrong assertion. Hitler left Kubizek because he was
ashamed to have once more failed the exam to the School of
Visual Arts and could not stand the idea to tell his friend of his
failure. As for the Jewish hooker, the rumor was confirmed after
the war by Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazis hunter who passed away
in Novembrer 2005, who got the word from an Austrian Doctor
named Ronald who had a friend whose father had treated Hitler
for syphilis before WW1. Simon Wiesenthal was even convinced
that Hitler passed the disease onto his niece Gali Raubal who took
her life because of the illness. Unfortunately this Doctor Ronald
was never traced and his assumption was not verified.
Furthermore a Wassermann test performed on Hitler in 1940 was
negative. I personally discard the rumor of syphilis as invalid.

But as the psychological symptoms of paresis are megalomania,
paranoia, lack of sense of reality, dulling of the moral senses, this
rumor has always gained some credibility.

Parkinson's disease

American Dr. Abraham Lieberman however thinks that Hitler
suffered from
Parkinson's disease rather than syphilis and that
this illness was concomitant to his accession to power. It
developed in great secrecy during the next twelve years. His
closest aids never let anything leaked out. Furthermore, Parkinson
disease has a secondary effect that might explain Hitler's weird
sexual behavior: it makes people impotent. In 1994, the
International Congress on Parkinson's Disease in Vancouver
(Canada) gave a certain Dr.Tom Hutton, a neurologist,
opportunity to publish a study that said Hitler was suffering
physical and mental symptoms of the disease, but his aides kept it

In 1941, during the Russian campaign, he was diagnosed by
Professor Karl Weber, director of the Heart Institute at Bad
Nauheim, with "rapidly progressive coronary sclerosis". For
repeated periods of time, Dr Morell gave him injections of 0.02
mg of Strophantin, a heart tonic in alternance with Prostrophanta,
which contained glucose and nicotinic acid. Morell was also
occasionally giving to Hitler Cardiazol and Coramin, and in 1942,
he added Sympathol, a solution of adrenalin. According to David
Irving's however, it is only after Stalingrad (1943) that Adolf
Hitler started complaining to Dr. Morell about a tremor in his left
arm. (5)

In 1943, in order to relieve Hitler's stomach spasms, Dr. Morell
prescribed pills containing "
Extr.nuc.vomic. 0.04; Extr.
" They were based on the poisons strychnine and
atropine. Hitler began taking them regularly, from 8 to 16 every
day. Both are very dangerous for the central nervous system.
When Dr. Giesing discovered those pills were poisonous, he told
off Morell who was embarrassed but it was too late. The bad has
been done to Hitler's organism. Last but not least, as of 1944, Dr.
Morell prescribed to his patient a narcotic amphetamine called
Pervitin, alias "speed". Hitler was then a drug addict. During the
duration of the war, according to Morell's records, Hitler would
have thus taken more than 80 different drugs and medications. So
the guy who championed supermen, eugenics and the supremacy
of strength upon weakness could only function with drugs,
amphetamines, miracle-potions and other craps hastily fabricated
by his
witchlike doctor.

Three mild attacks

Eventually, in September 1944, when the course of the war
turned desperate for the Nazis, Hitler had three mild attacks. They
prompted him to decide the counter-attack of the Battle of the
Bulge (December 1944) that was the "swan song" of the
Reichswehr. No wonder if in 1945 Hitler was nothing but an
hallucinated, mad, drugged, hysterical, left-eye blind man, victim
of his hygienic obsessions and convinced that his salvation could
only come from another mad charlatan, his personal doctor. The
culminating point of his phobias and fears were not the
destruction of his own life in the bunker but the
Aktion T4 (6)
euthanasia program that started just before the war which was
the consecration of his hatreds and fears. The most appalling of
this monstruous nazi scenery is the fact that many people
pretended, like Albert Speer, that it would be "a big mistake to
believe Hitler was mad". Not mad Herr Hitler ? Just demented
maybe. Of that sort of dementia that blind people do not want to
see. Especially if they have thrived on it.

Nonetheless Speer described Hitler in 1945 as a man who " was
shriveling up like an old man. His limbs trembled ; he walked
stooped, with dragging footsteps. Even his voice became
quavering and lost masterfulness. When he became excited, as he
frequently did in a senile way, his voice started breaking. His
complexion was sallow, his face swollen; his uniform, which in
the past he had kept scrupulously neat, was often neglected in
this last period of life and stained by the food he had eaten with a
shaking hand. I was constantly tempted to pity him. In the
hopeless situation, he continued to commit nonexistent divisions,
or to order units supplied by planes could no longer fly for lack of
fuel. He frequently took flight from reality and entered his world
of fantasy. He claimed he was in a position to conquer
Bolshevism by the strength of his personality and in alliance with
the West."

So the dilemna is settled : Hitler probably suffered more from
Parkinson than from syphilis. The syphilis charge is not founded
and even denied if the 1940 Wasserman test must be believed.
Furthermore it is convenient to assume that Hitler had contracted
syphilis : it fits the terrible image that historians made of him after
the war. It fits the image of a Hitler refusing to have sex with
women and asking for being kicked and molested instead. The
reality is different : Hitler was morbidly afraid of sex and venereal
diseases, he was not far from being impotent, he had a frail
constitution, and eventually all the drugs he took before and
during the war made him a poor lover and certainly a weaker
man. In the end, he was a total wreck and was only 56 years old.
A complete failure !

The counterpart of all these obsessions with sickness is that the
Nazi state was supposed to be a hygienic state; Nazism was
supposed to be "
applied biology" (Fritz Lenz coined this phrase
in 1931). As said professor Robert N. Proctor (7),  "Hitler was
celebrated as the
great doctor of German society and as the
Robert Koch of politics (Koch was a nineteenth century pioneer
in studying the bacterial origin of diseases). The seductive power
of National Socialism for many physicians lay in its promise to
cleanse German society of its corrupting elements -- not just
communism and Jews, but also metallic lead and addictive
tobacco, along with homosexuality and the
burdensome mentally


(1) Wallace R. Deuel, american journalist in nazi Germany, in
"People under Hitler" (1942).
(2) G.Strasser was instrumental in the success of the NSDAP
between 1923 and 1932 when his divergences with Hitler led him
to quit the party. The Nazis will shoot him during the Night of the
Long Knives in 1934
(3) Belladonna from the italian Bella donna (beautiful woman) is a
powerful narcotic, diuretic, antispasmodic and a valuable plant in
the treatment of eye diseases. A prolonged use of belladonna has
damaging effects on the nervous system
(4) a condition of arrested development in which an organ or part
remains below the normal size or in an immature state
(5) In "Hitler's War", 1976 Edition.
(6) In the U.S.A., Dr. Alexis Carrel, a nobel prize winner who had
been on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute since its inception,
published his book "
Man the Unknown" in 1935. In it he
suggested the removal of the mentally ill and the criminal by small
euthanasia institutions equipped with suitable gases.
(7) In Medicine Under the Nazis, Cancer Wars and The Nazi War
on Cancer by Robert N. Proctor 1999 Princeton University Press
360 pages ISBN 0691070512
During the War, lots of posters of this
kind were making fun of Hitler's habits
: this one is apparently pulling his leg
about his "posh" veggies addiction
Dr Morell
became  Hitler's
physician at the
insistence of  
Hoffmann. He
pretended to
have studied
with Nobel Prize
Ilya Mechnikov
and had a very
wealthy clientele
Crown Princess
Cecilie:"Open the
window please!!"....
Hitler's antisemitism found
nourishment in Der Sturmer
publication owned by  Julius
Streicher who compared
Jews to vermins and other
parasites of the social  body
All Third Reich scientists were not
criminals and Hitler was well aware as a
man of poor health of the necessity of a
good medical research. Some scientists    
performed extensive work in the area of
occupational carcinogenesis. Physicians
documented the health hazards of
asbestos, and in 1943 Germany became
the first nation to recognize lung cancer
and mesothelioma caused by asbestos
inhalation as compensable occupational
illnesses. Nazi Germany also pioneered
what we now call experimental
epidemiology: two striking papers -- a
1939 article by Franz H. Müller of
Cologne, and a 1943 paper by
Schairer (picture)  and Erich Schöniger
of Jena -- presented the most convincing
demonstrations up to that time that
cigarettes were a major cause of lung
At the end  of the war  
Hitler  is nothing  but a
walking corpse
site stats

This trait of Klara Hitler brought some psychologists to
draw interesting conclusions. They concluded that young
Hitler's training in individual hygiene must have been intense
and severe, notably during the potty training period where
some little kids show a tendency to be anal-retentive. They
receive pleasure when defecating, sometimes out of the
pot, sometimes by staying longer on the pot . However,
gaining pleasure from defecating brings children into
conflict with their mother regarding toilet training. Freud
claimed that severe conflicts during this stage can cause
fixations resulting in compulsive cleanliness, orderliness, or
worse homosexuality, bacillophobia and a sense of
frustration generating hostile feelings.
Hitler's  health has always been shabby, as
soon as 1902, after the death of his father
he had to spend summers in the
countryside to cure his failing lungs
"Today we must
examine ourselves
and remove from
our midst  the
elements that
became bad"

(Nuremberg 1936)

A precarious health since childhood
Hitler was 5'.7"  (1.74m)
tall and short legged so
he appeared shorter than
he really was
Born in June 1886, he qualified as a doctor in
1913 and became a naval doctor in 1914. In
1918 he went into practice in Berlin and
joined the  NSDAP in 1933. He was Hitler's
personal physician from 1936 to 1945. On
23 April 1945 he left the Bunker in Berlin for
the Berghof. He was arrested by the Allies
and stayed in various camps and hospitals
until his death in 1948. He had a huge
appetite and was extremely fat. He was
always making fun of Hitler's vegetarian

Apart from the infamous Dr. Theo Morell, Hitler
had five  other physicians to his service :

Dr Hugo Blaschke born in 1907 studied
dentistry in London and Philadelphia, opened
his practice in Berlin in 1911. Joined the
NSDAP in1931 and became Hitler's dentist
from 1933 to the end. Interned in 1946 and
released in 1948

Dr. Karl Brandt, born in 1904, joined the
NSDAP in 1932,  became  Hitler's attendant
doctor in 1934 and since 1937 on the staff of
the Reich Chancellery and close to Hitler at the
Chancellery and at the Berghof. Arrested by the
SS in 1945 for lack of faith in the victory but
condemned to death by the Allies and executed
in 1947.

Dr. Hans Karl von Hasselbach, born in
1903, joined the NSDAP in 1933 and the SS in
1934, became deputy to Dr. Brandt in 1936.
Dismissed in 1944.

Dr. Erwin Giesing. born in  1907, qualified
in 1936 as specialist in ear, nose and throat
medicine.  Joined the NSDAP in 1932.
Summoned to Hitler's headquarters in July
1944 after the assassination attempt in which
Hitler had an eardrum torn. Interned in 1945
and released in 1947.

Dr Ludwig Stumpfegger, born in 1910,
joined the SS in 1933 and the NSDAP in 1935.
From 1938 to 1944 made his career in the SS.
Appointed attendant doctor to Hitler at  his
headquarters in the Wolf's Lair at Himmler's
suggestion. Died probably from suicide in May
In 1936 Dr Theo Morell
became Hitler's internist. To
consult  the bill of health   of  
Hitler's in 1936 and read the  
impressive list of medicines
that Dr Morell prescribed to
Hitler since 1936, click on this